Commercial Waste Management

Waste management and recycling are essential commercial services provided by Haarsma Waste Innovations 364 days per year.

Trash collection options are structured to specifically cater to each property or business’ unique requirements; be restaurants, office buildings, warehouses, malls, any commercial property whatsoever urban and rural alike.

Commercial strata management companies and privately managed commercial property owners choose Haarsma Waste Innovations as their waste management experts trusting our service, pricing, flexibility, and an Island based understanding of their specialized trash removal requirements.

Commercial/Mixed Residential

Trash totes or custom trash bins ranging in size from 1yrd to 8yrd are provided to fit your trash and recycling compound be it indoor or outdoor. With customized equipment, Haarsma Waste Innovations is able to access all underground trash/recycling locations, and has even shifted many condominium and apartment buildings from crowded tote systems to streamlined metal bin systems with our modified spotter truck designs.

These smaller trucks are able to maneuver in smaller locations with restricted ceiling heights.

All of our Trash bins can be equipped with lightweight easy to use lids for your convenience. Specialty security locking systems are also available.