About Haarsma Waste Innovations

Based in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Haarsma Waste Innovations Inc. is the largest independent family owned and operated commercial and residential waste management and recycling company on the mid-Island. Service is provided from Victoria (South) up to and including Campbell River and Quadra Island (North).

As demand for our waste management and recycling services continues to expand, Haarsma Waste Innovations has the equipment, capacity, and resources to continue to meet and exceed our customer’s waste management and recycling needs.

Haarsma Waste Innovations specializes in customizing full commercial trash removal, recycling, and organic composting programs tailor suited for every commercial building, restaurant, business and personal residence; single or multi family home.

Full service trash removal, recycling and compost services offer residential and strata properties (including condominiums, townhomes, adult/gated communities, mobile home parks etc.) an opportunity to improve present service with increased monthly savings.

Waste Management BC

Haarsma Waste Innovations understands the importance of balancing user-friendly trash removal and recycling programs with cost effective and efficient service. Customer relations/satisfaction and up-to-date Industry innovation are truly reflected through the referrals, testimonials, and feedback from our customers.

Trust and reliability are key when choosing a Waste management provider. Haarsma Waste Innovations operates from the highest standards, and yet remain highly cost effective.

As a result, Haarsma Waste Innovations was awarded, and currently holds the contract for the City of Nanaimo including city parks, recreation centres, fire halls, police headquarters, Vancouver Island University, all schools, and government buildings.

Our President

Derek Haarsma, President, and Owner-operator of Haarsma Waste Innovations Inc. is a life-long resident and entrepreneur from Vancouver Island. Derek literally grew up in the Waste Management Industry, earning his allowance starting at the young age of 9 working in his father’s garbage company in Victoria.

As with many children Derek did not envision following in his parents “footsteps”. Much to his surprise, not only has Derek built his career in the Waste Management and Recycling sector, he has gained a reputation in the industry as a serious, competitive and highly efficient individual and business operator. As an entrepreneur, Derek understands the importance of streamlining costs for his customers, and creating a fair market within a highly competitive industry.

Married since 1992, and the father of a daughter and son, building with determination and integrity have always been very important. These values are reflected in the news article that gained Nationwide Canadian and U.S. attention, “David Slays Goliath Times Two”.

Derek Haarsma’s quest to ensure ethics within the Waste and Recycling Industry on Vancouver Island came to fruition through the Federal Competition Bureau’s ruling against two of the Waste Industry’s giants. Derek has clearly set Haarsma Waste Innovations Inc. and his company’s business practices to the highest of standards for the benefit of his customers, staff, and family.

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